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The CrossFit community has no boundaries!

Thinking about trying CrossFit but a little scared?

DON’T BE! At CrossFit MINAMI we are about community and support. We currently have 70% Female members ranging from 14-60 years of age and multicultural with 70% Japanese30% Foreigners, making it a great place to meet and make friends from all over the world.

Member Demographics


How To Become A Member CrossFit is different to other gyms.

We do functional movements with free weights, no machines unlike a lot of other gyms. With using free weights it’s important to know how to move correctly and safely to get the most out of your performance and reduce the risk of injury.
For those new to CrossFit, we start the First month with 6x 30 minute 1on1 Personal Training sessions to teach the Fundamentals of CrossFit, as well as 3x CrossFit classes, totaling 9x visits for the First month.
Once the First month is completed then choose a Monthly Membership Plan, SWEAT30, 9x, 13x or 17x, that suits your goals and lifestyle.

These Fundamental Movements can be viewed on our YouTube channel.


Attend a Free Trial Class*


Complete the First Month
6x 30 minutes Personal Training sessions
3x CrossFit Classes


Choose a Monthly Membership Plan
SWEAT30, 9x, 14x or 21x


Join the same day as you Trial class and pay Zero joining fee!

Free Trial Class*


Attend 1 Trial CrossFit Class

What to Bring Feel free to ask questions!

Training Shoes

Workout Clothes


Never Boring

CrossFit is unlike any workout you’ve probably ever done before. Very rarely do you ever do the same WOD (Workout of the day). Almost every WOD has its own target. It might be a circuit. It might be Tabata. It might be rounds. It might be team work. You just never know, but that’s what makes it great!

In our 1 hour Trial class, you will join a normal CrossFit class but will have your very own Coach to guide you through the class at your own pace. Remember to come 15 minutes before the start of class!

Membership Plans

Plans & Pricing Pick a membership that works for you!


5x Monthly


Use of SWEAT30 only.
(3 calendar months minimum)


9x Monthly


Use of any CrossFit classes, SWEAT30 and/or Open Gym.
1 Visit = 1 Day
(3 calendar months minimum)


14x Monthly

¥1,847 p/visit・¥25,860/month

Use of any CrossFit classes, SWEAT30 and/or Open Gym.
1 Visit = 1 Day
(3 calendar months minimum)


21x Monthly

¥1,321 p/visit・¥27,750/month

Use of any CrossFit classes, SWEAT30 and/or Open Gym.
1 Visit = 1 Day
(3 calendar months minimum)

Travelling CrossFitter? - No Problem -

We welcome anyone from anywhere in the world to Drop In for a WOD and/or just do your own program in Open Gym. CrossFit community has no boundaries!

Have a shirt from your local Box? Get 10% OFF a CrossFit Minami shirt when you donate a shirt, New or Old.

You can RSVP a class HERE. 

Drop In


Attend a CrossFit Class, SWEAT30 and/or Open Gym session in 1 Day

3 Pack


3 Day pass (expires in 12mths)
Designed for frequent visitors to Osaka
(Available to Non-Kansai residents)

1 Week Unlimited


Unlimited CrossFit classes SWEAT30 and/or open gym for 1 week.
Includes Free CrossFit Minami shirt!
(Available to Non-Japan residents)