Travelling CrossFitter? - No Problem -

We welcome anyone from anywhere in the world to Drop In for a WOD or just do your own program in Open Gym. CrossFit community has no boundaries!

Have a shirt from your local Box? Get 10% OFF a CrossFit Minami shirt when you donate a shirt, New or Old.

You can RSVP a class HERE. 

Drop In


Attend a CrossFit Class, SWEAT30 and/or Open Gym session in 1 Day

3 Pack


3 Day pass (expires in 6mths)
Designed for frequent visitors to Osaka
(Available to Non-Kansai residents)

1 Week Unlimited


Unlimited CrossFit classes SWEAT30 and/or open gym for 1 week.
Includes Free CrossFit Minami shirt!
(Available to Non-Japan residents)