(Available to Kansai residents)

Become part of a global community of more than 12,000 boxes!!

Drop In

Attend 1 CrossFit Classes and/or 1 Open Gym session in 1 Day.

3,300 p/visit 


8X Monthly Membership

8 visits a month, use of any CrossFit classes and/or Open Gym.
1 Visit = 1 Day
(3 months minimum)



Unlimited Membership

Unlimited use of all CrossFit Classes and open Gym
(3 month minimum)



Flight & Out of Town 3 Pack

3 Day pass pack with 12 month expiry date!
Designed for frequent visitors to Osaka.

(Available to Non-Kansai residence)



1 Week Unlimited

1 Week unlimited access to all classes and/or open gym.
Bonus 1 CrossFit Minami shirt included!
(1 shirt per person)
(Available to Non-Japan residence)



1 Month Unlimited


1 Month unlimited access to all classes.
Bonus 1 CrossFit Minami shirt included!
(1 Shirt per person)
(Available to Non-Japan residence)





Free CrossFit Trial class available only to Kansai residents.

Full time students receive 20% discount on all monthly memberships! 

*4% surcharge for Credit Card transactions.
*Monthly membership plan payment via Credit/Debit card (Mastercard or Visa). Transactions performed on the 27th of every month.
***3 Month minimum commitment on all monthly membership plans.
***3 Day cooling off period applies to all membership sales.
****All pricing in Japanese Yen.