What is CrossFit?

Can anybody do CrossFit?

Yes, CrossFit is scale-able to anyone's level from beginners to professional athletes.

How much does the Trial Class cost? and how do I reserve?

Trial Class is Free. Information and how to reserve the class please click HERE.

What do I need for class?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move into different positions, sports shoes, towel and water. We do sell water, coconut water and vitamin water.

Are tattoos allowed?


Will my body become big and muscly doing CrossFit?

For female's this is very unlikely due to testosterone levels. With correct nutrition and CrossFit, a lean athletic body is possible. Everybody is different and reacts different to exercise.

Why is CrossFit More expensive than globo gyms?

At CrossFit Minami we create a positive community to support you with your goals. All programming is done with professional coaching for every class. CrossFit is not just a workout, we pride ourselves on making people better and educating everyone to get more out of life!

I am an Olympic lifter, can I come into open gym and lift? Dropping bars ok?

Yes, we have members that don't do CrossFit but practice Snatchs, Cleans and Jerks during open gym times.