Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!🎉

2016 was a great year 👊with everyone making change in their life for the better👍. The CrossFit Minami team would like to thanks you 👏for all your love and support throughout 2016. We can't do what we do without you!💪. Let's make 2017 a year to remember, set goals 🏆and smash👊 them!
Balance is the key to a happy life.

Train💪, eat🍣, party🎉 and sleep well 💘





New Coach Sam!!

New Coach Sam!!


Welcome new coach @sam12rowano to the CrossFit Minami team!

Here she is coaching her first CrossFit class last Sunday.
#newcoach #firstclass #goodluck


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Coach Sean’s Bicycle ride from Osaka to Tokyo

Coach Sean's Bicycle ride from Osaka to Tokyo

ショーンが10月に自転車で募金を集めながら10万円を目標に1000キロ走ります。 そのお金をガンとたたかう子供達の治療薬を見つけるために寄付しています。 少しの寄付でも1人でも多くのガンとたたかう子供達の為になります。皆様のご支援とご協力をお願いいたします。


My goal is to ride 1,000 km including a ride from Osaka to Tokyo!!!

Why? Because I was lucky and had a Fun Happy Healthy childhood but over 600 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer every year, and sadly, 3 die every week.

My challenge will be tough, but nothing compared to what these brave kids face every day of their lives as they battle this terrible disease.

Kids should be living life, not fighting for it!!!

And so I am taking on this personal challenge to raise $1,000 to save little lives and give these kids the brighter futures they deserve.

But to achieve my goal, I need your help.

Please support the fight against kids' cancer by making a donation through my personal fundraising page.

Remember $1/ï¿¥100 is better than 0...!

Here's the link to my page: https://greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Riders/SeanMcAuliffe

All funds raised will support Children's Medical Research Institute to continue their work to develop treatments and find a cure for childhood cancer.

Thank you for your support,
Coach Sean



CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown 2!

CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown 2回目が終わりました!



この日のために来てくれたジャッジ、片付けを手伝ってくれた人、景品を用意してくださったGatorz、CConats waters、ケトルベル魂、そして備品を用意してくださったReebokのHayatoさん感謝の言葉もみつかりません。



CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown is done for another year!!

Reebok,Gatorz Eyewear Japan, C Coconut Water Japan, ケトルベル魂(Kettlebellkon)

Was an amazing day with so much jammed packed inside it!! Still recovering 2 days after but already excited to do it all again next year.

Big Thank You to all the volunteers, judges and sponsors who made this all happen! Congratulations to all the athletes on a great day of competition, you should all be very proud of your achievements.

Congratulations to our winners RX Yasu Uchibori, Sam Rowano, Scaled Lee Blois and Hiroko Ishida, Masters Go 'Alex' Kakutani and Maki Kimura.

Thank you and lets do it all again next year!!!!




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CrossFit Minami Throwdown



Hello Athletes/Judges,

Once again thank you for entering the CrossFit Minami Throwdown.

Please use these Tags for Social Media!



We have set the timetable and workouts for the day. Please see attached files!

The event will go ahead rain, hail or shine. Functional Fitness!!

Before participating in the event we require all athletes to sign a waiver, please ask staff at the box or event on the day. For people that have been to CrossFit Minami before, your previous signed waiver form still stands.

Lastly, there will be photographers from Getty Images on the day. Photos they take will be uploaded onto a photo stock website for sale. They require a release form to be signed for this. All photos taken will be available to athletes for FREE.

CFM Team


CrossFit Minami Throwdownに申し込み頂いてありがとうございます。












Athlete List

UPDATED! Athlete List

Athleteの皆さん9月18日のthrow downに参加頂きありがとうございます。RXには今年もかなり強めの選手が何人か出ています。今からワクワクしております。

この写真が参加者の名前 種別です

Athlete List!!
Firstly we would like to say THANK YOU for entering the CFM Osaka Throwdown 18th of September at Ogimachi Park, should be a great event with some high level athletes attending.
Here's a final Athlete list for all categories.
Updates on event timetable, etc will be posted shortly.
Once again, thank you!!


CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown No.2 – 2016

CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown No.2

We are super excited to announce the second CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown on the 18Th September, 2016, Supported by Reebok Japan at Ogimachi Park, Osaka.

This year we will have 3 divisions competing, RX, Scaled and Master (40+). All division will have 2 workout events while RX having an extra Lifting event.

When: 18th September, 2016
Where: Ogimachi Park, Osaka
Time: 10:00-17:00
Cost: 2,000 yen/CFM 1,500 yen
Entry Close: 4th September, 2016
Contact: info@CrossFitMinami.com

CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown No.1 was a huge success with CrossFitters from all over Japan coming to Osaka. Tokyo -- CrossFit Heart & Beauty, CrossFit Roppongi, Kyoto - CrossFit Kyoto, Ise - CrossFit Ise, Fukuoka - CrossFit Hakata, Okinawa - CrossFit Habu.

Hope to see you all again this year!!

大阪throw down 2回目

大阪 扇町公園でスポンサーはReebok Japanです。
日程 2016年 9月 18日
場所 扇町公園
実施時間 1000-1700
参加費 2000円
MINAMIメンバー 1500円
申込期限 2016 年9月 4日までに
info@CrossFitMinami.com にメールをお願いします。
Throw down Osaka 1回目は

CrossFit-Minami-Osaka-Throwdown-JPN CrossFit-Minami-Osaka-Throwdown-ENG

Kettlebellkon Seminar at CrossFit Minami

ケトルベルチャレンジセミナー・Kettlebell Challenge Seminar

Kettlebellkon - Kettlebell Challenge Seminar at CrossFit Minami was a head success!
With people from all over Kansai, plus some from Tokyo that made the journey to learn efficient Kettlebell work.

3 hours from Kettlebell swings, cleans, jerks and snatches with a huge focus on form and expression of power. 

Big thank you to Hiro San and Rie San from Kettlebellkon for instructing us!

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