CrossFit Minami Osaka Throwdown Video

Getting Excited!

September 18th is getting closer and we are super excited about the Throwdown! Check out this video from last year.

Remember if you want to enter or become a Judge please email !

This year we have 3 categories, RX, Scaled and Masters (40+).
Available positions
RX Men - 16ppl
RX Women - 8ppl
Scaled Men - 8ppl
Scaled Women - 8ppl
Masters Man/Women - 8ppl

RX athletes should be able to perform Handstand walks, Clean body weight, Double unders, Pistols and Fran time of under 8mins.
Scaled athletes should be able to perform all CrossFit movements e.g. Thrusters, Kettlebell Swings, Double Unders, Box Jumps, etc.
Masters athletes should be able to perform the same as Scaled but at least weight and without Double unders, Box jumps and high impact movements.

Athlete entries are 2,000yen. Application closes on September 4th. Please get in early!

CFM Team

イベントのカテゴリーが三つあります。RX,SCALED,MASTERS (40+)
RX男子 16人
RX女子 8人
Scaled 男子 8人
Scaled 女子 8人
Masters 男子・女子 8人

Scaled 区分に入る選手は全部のクロスフィットムーブメントやスラスター、ケトルベルスウィング、二重跳び、ボックスジャンプなどができることは条件になります。
Masters区分に入る選手はScaled と一緒のムーブメントですが重量は少な目で、高反発な動きはしません。


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