ケトルベル高重量高回数へ! クロスフィットミナミで学ぶ「初めてのケトルベルスポーツ」

ケトルベルの基礎知識から高重量高回数できる技術を懇切丁寧に指導します。 初心者の方はもちろん、サーキットに適している種目も紹介しますので普段ケトルベルをトレーニングとして取り入れているスポーツ選手もぜひ受講ください!

詳しくは、コチラをクリック! (日本語・Japanese)


Kettlebell Challenge Seminar
May 29, Sun, from 4PM to 7PM
6,000 yen per person.

For the people who want to lift heavier Kettlebells with more reps, this seminar would be perfect! This is the first ever event in Osaka to learn Kettlebell Sports!!!

In this event, you can learn how to easily lift heavier kettlebells with many reps! You can learn not only basic kettlebell technic but also Kettlebell circuit training menus. So, this seminar is good for Kettlebell beginners and also athletes who use kettlebells on regular basis already.

The instructor of this seminar, Rie Takahashi, is a person who instructs Kettlebells for Japan's top MMA fighters.

If you are interested in Kettlebell, do not miss this oppotunity!

Please email us at for event registration or any questions. (either English or Japanese is OK!)